Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022

Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022 Download

Yearbook title:云南统计年鉴2022
Yearbook English title:Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022
Published Date :11/2022
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022
Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022

Ⅰ.Yunnan Statistical Yearbook 2022 is an annual statistics reference book which fully reflects the national economy and social development in Yunnan province.The present yearbook covers comprehensive data in each city,county and prefecture in 2021 as well as some key data in significant years of the whole province. Ⅱ.This book contains the following eighteen parts:1.Provincial survey;2.Economies;3.Investment in Fixed Assets;4.Urban and Rural Consumption;5.Public Finance;6.Foreign Trade;7.Agriculture and Country;8.Industry and Energy;9.Construction and Real Estate;10.Transport and Communications Industry;11.Banking and Insurance;12.Tourism;13.Education,Science and Technology and Culture;14.Public Health,Sports and Social Services;15.Population and Employment;16.Resources and Environment;17.Survey of National Autonomous Area;18.Survey of Intra-county Economies. Ⅲ.Explanatory Notes on Principal Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of each part to describe the content,scope and method of provincial statistical indicators briefly.The major data in this publication are obtained from annual statistical reports.It is advisable to note in the reference that the sum of data of each ciyt,county and prefecture may not correspondingly equal the total of the whole province in some statistical indicastors due to different statistical ranges and investigation methods.As for changes of statistical ranges,the relevant data are adjusted and explained accordingly in the present yearbook. Ⅳ.The units of measurement used in this book are international standard measurement units issued by the state.Notations used in this yearbook,”(Blank)” indicates that the data are not available or refers to numbers which are not in detail.”#” indicates that the major items of the total. Ⅴ.Data of historical statistics is subjected to the latest statistical yearbook which was revised by the previous Economic Census,Agricultural Census,Population Census and so on. Ⅵ.Thanks for the great support and attention given by party members and governments at each level,and colleagues who participate in this editing work.In order to perfect the yearbook and meet the requirements of the society better,comments from various readers are highly appreciated,At the same time,readers are welcome to correct our mistakes made in this book.