International Statistical Yearbook 2018

International Statistical Yearbook 2018 Download

Yearbook title:国际统计年鉴2018
Yearbook English title:International Statistical Yearbook 2018
Published Date :01/2019
Frequency : Annually
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(CD Version contain EXCEL files)


I. International Statistical Yearbook 2018 is an annual comprehensive reference publication on international economic and social statistics. It contains data from as much as 200 countries, regions and territories over the world. More detailed information on the economic and social development of over 40 countries and main comprehensive evaluation indexes of international organizations are also included in the Yearbook.

II. The Yearbook contains the following 17 chapters: China in the World; Geography, Natural Resources and Environmental; National Accounts; Population; Employment and Earnings; Investment Environment; Energy; Government Finance and Banking; Price Index; Household Income and Expenditure and Poverty; Agriculture; Industry and Construction; Transportation and Communication; External Trade and Tourism; Balance of Payments and External Debts; Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Health; Main Comprehensive evaluation indicators.

III. Data for most of the foreign countries or territories have been adjusted by international organizations such as the United Nations, and the scope and coverage is therefore comparable.

IV. The latest data for many countries are preliminary or estimated statistics.

V. All data of China do not cover Taiwan Province, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR except data for the surface area.

VI. The data are from the databases, CD-ROMs, yearbooks and monthly publications of international organizations. The sources of data are given at the top of each table in the Yearbook.

VII. Several aggregations or rates may not add up to the sum of the series because of rounding.

VIII. Unless otherwise indicated, the countries included in the Yearbook are the countries under their present names with the present territories, although the names or the boundaries may have changed during the period covered by the Yearbook.

IX. The meanings of the symbols used in the Yearbook are as following,

“…” indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table;

“(blank)” indicates that data are not available;

“#” indicates the major items of the total;

“|” indicates that the data to the left are not comparable with those to the right because of the adjustment of scope and coverage.

China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2018

China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2018 Download

Yearbook title:中国科技统计年鉴2018
Yearbook English title:China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2018
Published Date :11/2018
Frequency : Annually
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(CD Version contain EXCEL files)

China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2018
China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2018

China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology-2018 is prepared jointly by the Department of Social, Science and Technology, and Cultural Statistics National Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Strategy and Planning of Science and Technology. The Yearbook, which covers data series at the national, provincial and local levels, and autonomous regions, as well as departments directly under the State Council, reports on the development of China’s science and technology activities.

The yearbook contains the following nine parts. The first part reflects general science and technology(S&T) information on whole society; The second part, the third part and the forth part reflect respectively S&T information about Industrial Enterprises, Independent Research Institutions and Institutions of Higher Education. Industrial Enterprises cover Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, with the sales revenue above 20 million RMB;Independent Research Institutions cover the municipal and above and independent accounting scientific research and technological development institutions which belong to government;Institutions of Higher Education cover Institutions of Higher Education and affiliated hospitals. The fifth part contains information on High Technology Industry. The sixth part contains information on innovation activities of enterprises. The seventh part contains information on National Program for Science and Technology. The eighth part contains information on results of S&T activities. The ninth part covers Scientific and Technologic Service and S&T activities of China Associations for S&T. The tenth part contains information on the international comparisons.

Notations used in this book:”(blank space)”indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table or data are unknown or are not available;“#”indicates a major breakdown of the total; and “*” or “①” indicates footnotes at the end of the table.

Statistical discrepancies due to rounding are not adjusted in the yearbook.

The institutions participating editing this volume include: Ministry of Education, Sate Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration for Market Regulation, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ministry of Emergency Management, China Meteorological Administration, China Association for Science and Technology. We would like to express our gratitude to these institutions of the State Council for their cooperation and support in sparing no effort to provide all the required data.

Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2018

Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2018 Download

Ⅰ. Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2018(abbreviation as the Yearbook below)is an annual statistics publication,reflecting comprehensively the economic and social development of Guangzhou.It covers maily statistics in 2017 and some selected major data series in historically important years,at municipal level and local level of district.

Ⅱ. The Yearbook contains the following 18 chapters:1. Gerneral Survey;2. Population;3. Employment and Wages;4. Investment in Fixed Assets;5. Energy and Environment;6. Government Finance and Banking;7. Price Indices;8. People’s Livelihood;9. City Construction;10. Agriculture;11. Industry;12. Construction;13. Transport,Postal and Telecommunication Services;14. Domestic Trade;15. Foreign Economy and Tourism;16. Service Industry above Scale;17. Science and Technology;18. Education,Culture,Sports,Public Health,Social Welfare and Others.The data listed in the Appendix are main economic indicators of China,Guangdong province,Hongkong Special Administrative Region and Macao Administrative Region.

Ⅲ. The data in the Yearbook are mainly obtained from regular ststistical reports and sample surveys conducted by statistics bureaus of all levels of government and the Surney office of the National Bureau of statistics in Guangzhou.Some data are collected from the departments of the provincial and municipal government.

Ⅳ. Since 2014 Guangzhou administrative division has been adjusted. The original Huangpu and Luogang districts have been merged into the new Huangpu district. The original Zengcheng county-level city has been renamed Zengcheng district, the original Conghua county-level city has been renamed Conghua district. Since 2015, Guangzhou city administrative division has included 11 districts, which are Liwan district, Yuexiu district, Haizhu district, Tianhe district, Baiyun district, Huangpu district, Panyu district, Huadu district, Nansha district, Conghua district and Zengcheng district, excluding county-level cities.

Ⅴ. From 2014 urban and rural integrated household survey is carried out in Guangzhou, statistical indicator system of urban and rural integrated household survey is changed greatly.

Ⅵ. According to the notice of the National Bureau of Statistics on the implementation of the new national standard of national economic industry classification (2017) 142, the new national economic industry classification has been used from the statistical annual report of 2017 and the periodic statistical report of 2018. In this data, all the tables related to sub-industries (except the data provided by individual departments are classified according to the old industry, as indicated in the table), are adjusted according to the new industry classification & GB/T4754-2017 of national economy.

Ⅶ. Starting from 2018, a new chapter entitled “Service Industry above scale” has been added.

Ⅷ. The prices used in calculation in the Yearbook are current prices except noted.

Ⅸ. In any case the data of this book shall be deemed as the authoritative ones.

Ⅹ. In the Yearbook all caculating errors of some total and regular figures for the differency of measuring units haven’t been adjusted.

Ⅺ. Notations in this book:blank space indicates data are not available;“…” indicates not large enough to be rounded into the least unit of measurement;“#”indicates major item in a category.