Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021

Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021 Download

Yearbook title:武汉统计年鉴2021
Yearbook English title:Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021
Published Date :10/2021
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021
Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021

Ⅰ.Wuhan Statistical Yearbook 2021 is an annual statistical publication with dense information.It comprehensively and systematically reflects the achievements of Wuhan economic,technological and social development in 2020 making use of a large number of statistical data. Ⅱ.This annual publication contains twelve parts such as features,including General Survey,Population and Employment,Industry、Consumption of energy,Agriculture,Investment in Fixed Assets,Public Utilities,Transportation、Post and Telecommunications,Trade、International Cooperation、Tourism,Finance、Banking and Insurance,Price Indi-ces and People’s Livelihood,Science and Technology、Education、Culture,and Main Statistical Information on the administrative areas of Wuhan.There are brief introductions at the beginning of each part so that readers are able to use correctly statistical data in it.In addittion,Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of each section. Ⅲ.Most of the statistical data in this yearbook is based on all kinds of 2020’s reports.The statistical data of main historic years since 1949 for some key indicators are listed in it.Some of the data are from sample survey. Ⅳ.According to the up-to-data statistical information and the newnational stipulation conncerned,some data in this yearbook has been revised after verifying a number of important statistical data released in the past.Therefore,readers should use data in this yearbook in case that it is not in accord with this yearbook. Ⅴ.The notes concerning the whole table are placed at the upper part of the book,while the notes concerning the individual indicators are at the bottom of the table. Ⅵ.The units of measurement used in this book are international standard measurement ones. Ⅶ.Notations used in this book:“-”indicates no data in the item;“…”indicates that the figures are not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table;the blank indicates that the data aren’t available;“#”indicates the major items in the tabel;“*”indicates“see the footnotes below”. Ⅷ.The calculating errors of some data in this yearbook caused by the unit conversion aren’t adjusted mechanically.