Guiyang Statistical Yearbook 2021

Guiyang Statistical Yearbook 2021 Download

Yearbook title:贵阳统计年鉴2021
Yearbook English title:Guiyang Statistical Yearbook 2021
Published Date :12/2021
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Ⅰ.Guiyang Statistical Yearbook 2021(hereinafter Yearbook) is an annual statistical publication,which comprehensively reflects the economic and social development in Guiyang.It covers data of all aspects,such as economical and social development,of Guiyang in 2020 and key statistical data since the reform and opening-up of China. Ⅱ.The Contents of This Yearbook Include:Divisions of Administrative Areas and National Resources;General Survey;Population and Family Planning;Employment and Wages;Investment in Fixed Assets;Energy Consumption;Industry;Construction;Agriculture;Domestic Trade,Foreign Trade and Tourism;Traffic,Transportation,Postal and Telecommunication Services,Urban Public Utilities;Government Finance and Taxation;Finance,Securities and Insurance;Urban and Rural Survey;Science and Technology,Education,Culture and Broadcast;Public Health,Sports,Civil Administration and Others;Major Economic Indicators of China,Guizhou Province,Provincial Capital and Deputy Provincial Cities in China;Appendix. Ⅲ.The major data sources of this publication are obtained from annual statistical reports,sample surveys and document of related departments.Some statistical data in this yearbook have been adjusted accordingly,and we have made footnotes to these indicators. Ⅳ.Statistical discrepancies of some statistical total number and relative number due to rounding are not adjusted in this yearbook. Ⅴ.In case of any discrepancy of data between previous yearbook and this one,data in this Yearbook shall prevail. Ⅵ.Some indicators of districts(city,county) in the Yearbook have their own regional standards. Ⅶ.Notations used in this yearbook:“blank”indicates that data are not available or unknown;“#”indicates the major items of the table;“-”indicates the data are cancelled or not comparable,which are beyond number. During the edition of this yearbook,we have won strong support from related departments,and we deeply thank for these all.Because of the massive information,limited time and our ability,some mistakes are unavoidable in the book.Any candid comments and criticism are welcome.