China Statistical Yearbook on Environment 2018

China Statistical Yearbook on Environment 2018 Download

Yearbook title:中国环境统计年鉴2018
Yearbook English title:China Statistical Yearbook on Environment 2018
Published Date :02/2019
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

China Statistical Yearbook on Environment 2018
China Statistical Yearbook on Environment 2018

Ⅰ.China Statistical Yearbook on Environment-2018 is prepared jointly by the National Bureauof Statistics,Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other ministries.It is an annual statisticspublication,with comprehensive data in 2017 and selected data series in major years at national leveland at provincial level(province,autonomous region,and municipality directly under the centralgovernment) and therefore reflecting various aspects of China’s environmental development.Since theSecond National Census of Pollutants Sources is under way,the pollution emissions statistics of 2017 ismissing in this publication and will be released later after the census completed Ⅱ.China Statistical Yearbook on Environment-2018 contains 12 chapters:1.Natural Conditions;2.Freshwater Environment;3.Marine Environment;4.Atmospheric Environment;5.Solid Wastes;6.Natural Ecology;7.Land Use;8.Forestry;9.Natural Disasters & Environmental Accidents;10Environmental Investment;11.Urban Environment;12.Rural Environment.Five appendixes listed asMain Indicators of Population,Resource and Environment;Main Resources & Environmental Indicatorsin the 13th Five-year Plan;Main Environmental Indicators by Eastern,Central and Western;MainEnvironmental Indicators of the World’s Major Countries and Regions;Explanatory Notes on MainStatistical Indicators Ⅲ.The national data in this book do not include that of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province except for territory and forest resources.Theinformation gathered from National Forestry and Grassland Administration,Daxinganling is affiliatedto the National Forestry and Grassland Administration,tied with the provinces,autonomous regions,municipalities under the central government,without duplication of data Ⅳ.Notations used in this book: “(blank)”indicates that the data are not available; “#” indicates the major items of the total. Ⅴ.The institutions participating in the compilation of this publication include:Ministry of WaterResource,Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,Ministry of Natural Resources,Ministryof Agriculture and Rural Affairs,National Health Commission,Ministry of Emergency Management,Ministry of Transport,National Forestry and Grassland Administration,China MeteorologicalAdministration,China Earthquake Administration.We would like to express our gratitude to theseinstitutions for their cooperation and support in preparing this publication