Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019

Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019 Download

Yearbook title:天津统计年鉴2019
Yearbook English title:Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019
Published Date :12/2019
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(CD Version contain EXCEL files,PDF Version)

Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019
Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019

Ⅰ.Tianjin Statistical Yearbook is a large-sized statistics publication to reflect various aspectsof Tianjin’s economic and social development,which was started in 1984 and published yearafter year,having formed a series of yearbooks.Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2019 takesTianjin economic and social statistics of 2018 systematically,and other statistics of main years.The book is written in Chinese&English,and is equipped with electric CD. Ⅱ.Written materials in the book include Statistical Communique on the 2018 NationalEconomic and Social Development of Tianjin,Analysis of Tianjin Economic Situation 2018.Inorder to help readers using these statistical materials better,Subject Index is used to describethe framework of the book,and Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are attachedafter each chapter. Ⅲ.The major data sources of this book are obtained from annual professional statisticalreport,a few from sample surveys and departments’ statistics. Ⅳ.The units of measurement used in this book are internationally stander measurementunits;sector listed in this table is classified by the standard of GB/T 4754-2017.Whencalculating per capital indicators,we use permanent population. Ⅴ.Statistical discrepancies due to rounding are not adjusted in this book. Ⅵ.Notations used in this book:“blank” indicates the data not available or the figure is notlarge enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table.“#”indicates the major itemsof the total. Ⅶ.As a result of keeping consistent with data of census,surveys and checks,the changeof national statistics system and adjustment of figures provided by departments some data inthis yearbook is different from former yearbook.When using historical data,users should takethe data of this book as standard. Ⅷ.Since Tianjin Statistical Yearbook had been published openly,we have beenconcerned and supported by the readers at home and abroad.They advance much valuablesuggestion on content and edition of the yearbook,we deeply thanks for this all.Based on ourlimited level,perhaps there are some mistakes in this book,we welcome all of the readersgive us your criticism in order to help us further improving our edition level,and providingservices for the readers better.