Hunan Statistical Yearbook 2019

Hunan Statistical Yearbook 2019 Download

Yearbook title:湖南统计年鉴2019
Yearbook English title:Hunan Statistical Yearbook 2019
Published Date :12/2019
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(CD Version contain EXCEL files,PDF Version)

Hunan Statistical Yearbook 2019
Hunan Statistical Yearbook 2019

Ⅰ.Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2019 is an annual statistical publication,which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of Hunan.It covers data for 2018 and key statistical data in some historically important years at provincial level and local levels of cities,prefecture and counties. Ⅱ.Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2019 includes a special issue and statistical figures.The special issue are Government Work Report 2019 and Statistical Communique of Hunan Province on the 2018 National Economic and Social Development.The statistical data contain the following 22 parts:1.General Survey;2.National Accounts;3.Population;4.Employment and Wages;5.Price;6.People’s Living Conditions;7.Investment in Fixed Assets;8.Foreign Economy,Tourism and Development Zones;9.Energy;10.Finance,Banking and Insurance;11.Construction of Cities and Environmental Protection;12.Agriculture;13.Industry;14.Construction;15.Transportation,Post,Telecommunication and Other Services;16.Wholesale and Retail Trades,Hotels,Catering Services;17.Education,Science and Technology;18.Culture,Sports and Public Health;19.Party and Mass,Politics and Law,Social Service;20.Regional Economy;21.Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Cities and Prefecture;22.Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Counties and Cities(districts).To facilitate readers,at the end of each chapter,Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are included. Ⅲ.In comparison with Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2018,some indicators and expressions in this book have been revised and the statistical data has been enriched in some degrees in spite of the absence of data of 2018 in some tables,as the result of the in-progress data verification of the Fourth Economic Census and the revision of official statistical programmes. Ⅳ.Data of National Accounts,Fixed-Asset investment,Energy,Industry,Construction,Transportation,Post and Other Services,Wholesale and Retail Trades,Hotels and Catering are based on preliminary statistics.All of the indices are calculated by the constant price.Explanatory notes are provided behind the list in which if there are changes.Data of the book are composed by computers. Ⅴ.The book is edited according to the frame and standard of China Statistical Yearbook.The indicator explanatory notes are edited according to China Statistical Yearbook,and the units of measurement are internationally standard measurement units.The notations are standard notations of China Statistical Yearbook. Ⅵ.Figures in Covernment Work Report,and the communique are preliminary statistics. Ⅶ.Notations used in the yearbook:“#”indicates the major items of the total;”(blank)”indicates that data are not available or the figure is not large enough to he measured with the smallest unit in the table. Ⅷ.Based on our limited level,perhaps there are some mistakes in the book,we welcome all candid comments and criticism from our readers.