Hebei Statistical Yearbook 2021

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Yearbook title:河北统计年鉴2021
Yearbook English title:Hebei Statistical Yearbook 2021
Published Date :02/2022
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Hebei Statistical Yearbook 2021
Hebei Statistical Yearbook 2021Hebei Statistical Yearbook 2021

I.Hebei Statistical Yearbook-2021 is a systematic collection of economic and social statistical data of the province and cities,counties(cities and districts) in 2020,as well as the main statistical data of the province in each major period since 1978.It is an informative annual publication comprehensively reflecting the national economic and social development of Hebei. Ⅱ.The Yearbook includes feature articles,statistical data and appendix. Feature articles include Statistical Communique of National Economic and Social Development of Hebei Province in 2020,some of the data in the bulletin are dispatches. The content of statistical data consists of 24 articles,namely:1.General Survey;2.Population;3.National Economic Accounts;4.Employment and Wages;5.Price;6.People’s Livelihoods;7.Government Finance,Banking and Insurance;8.Energy and Environment;9.Investment in Fixed Assets;10.Foreign Economic Relations and Trade;11.Agriculture;12.Industry;13.Construction;14.Wholesale and Retail;15.Transport,Post and Telecommunications;16.Hotels,Catering Services and Tourism;17.Real Estate;18.Science and Technology;19.Education;20.Health and Social Services;21.Culture and Sports;22.Public Management and Social Security;23.City Profiles;24.Main Indicators of Counties(Cities and Districts at County Level). For the convenience of readers,a brief description is provided before each chapter,which gives an overview of the main contents,data sources,statistical scope,statistical methods and historical changes of this chapter.At the end of the article,there is an explanation of the main statistical indicators. The appendix includes the major indicators of Jing-Jin-Ji region,and the main indicators of all provinces(autonomous regions,cities),information of regular higher education schools. Ⅲ.The indicators involved in the Yearbook mainly come from various statistical statements and sample survey data of the government statistics bureau at all levels and the survey team of the National Statistics Bureau.Part of the information comes from the relevant departments of the province.Main economic indicators of all provinces(autonomous regions,cities) in the appendix are F2-1 to F2-20 from China Statistical Yearbook 2021,and F2-21 to F2-26 from major figures on 2020 Population Census of China. Ⅳ.In the Yearbook,Shijiazhuang includes Xinji,Shijiazhuang①excludes Xinji,and Baoding includes Dingzhou and Xiong’an New Area,Baoding①excludes Dingzhou and Xiong’an New Area. Ⅴ.The units of weights and measures used in the Yearbook adopt international uniform standard units of measurement. Ⅵ.The classification of national economic industries in the Yearbook is implemented according to the national standard Classification of National Economic Industries(GB/T4754-2017). Ⅶ.The prices used in the total index calculation of the Yearbook are the current year prices. Ⅷ.There is no mechanical adjustment for the calculation error caused by different units in the total count or relative number of some data in the Yearbook. Ⅸ.”…” in the statistical data table of the Yearbook means that the data of this statistical indicator is less than the minimum number of units in the table;”blank space” means unknown or not available;”#”represents the main item;”①” indicates notes under this table. Ⅹ.The population data from 2011 to 2019 in the Yearbook are revised based on the results of the seventh national population census,and the per capita index data related to population are adjusted according to the revised results. In the process of editing,Hebei Statistical Yearbook-2021 has received great support from relevant departments and units of Hebei Province.We hereby express our thanks!