China Yearbook Of Agricultural Price Survey 2022

China Yearbook Of Agricultural Price Survey 2022 Download

Yearbook title:中国农产品价格调查年鉴2022
Yearbook English title:China Yearbook Of Agricultural Price Survey 2022
Published Date :07/2022
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
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China Yearbook Of Agricultural Price Survey 2022
China Yearbook Of Agricultural Price Survey 2022

Ⅰ.Background and Purpose Along with the establishment and improvement of the system of socialist market economy in China,the market-oriented pace of the rural economy has been accelerated.The market plays more and more important role in production and trade of agricultural products.Therefore,the government and publics have increasingly more demand for the information on the prices of agricultural products.In order to fit in with this situation,Department of Rural Surveys National Bureau of Statistics has been carrying out surveys on the prices of agricultural products to monitor the movement of the related prices and to maintain the agricultural accounting system,through its survey teams locating all over the country since 2003.The purpose of this book is to provide the price information of agricultural products to government agencies at various level,the research institutions,agricultural holdings as well as other publics for the decision-making and analyzing the supply and demand relations of the agricultural products,the market competition of agricultural products and the agricultural restructure,the farmers income and resident consumption,etc. Ⅱ.Contents and Methodology The contents of this book include:the chart of price movement of agricultural products,the producer price indices of agricultural products,the prices of agricultural products at the rural market fairs.The producer price of the agricultural product is the price of the unit product,at which the producer of the agricultural product,i.e.the agricultural household or the farm,directly sells the product.The producer prices of agricultural products are the bases of the prices of the agricultural products at the rural market fairs as well as the wholesale prices and consumer prices.National Producer Prices Survey of agricultural products is a sample survey with its sample units selected with random sampling method.A total of 20000 units engaged in agricultural production have been selected in the whole country,in which the agricultural households account for one third and the farms account for two thirds.The survey covers 180 representative agricultural products in four categories of farming,forestry,livestock and fishery.Survey of Agricultural Products Prices at Rural Market Fairs is a survey on the prices of 31 agricultural products in 200 major producing counties and cities conducted for reflecting the trading prices of the staple agricultural products in the major producing areas and the change of these prices. Ⅲ.Additional Notes While mainly presenting the survey data on the prices of agricultural products in 2021,this book also releases the series data on the prices of main agricultural products in China since 2000(The country’s aggregated data excludes Tibet,Hokong Special Administrative Region,Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province).The producer price indices take the prices in the preceding year or the prices at the same period of preceding year as 100.The unit of the prices of agricultural products at rural market fairs is unified to be Yuan/kg and two decimals are kept for the price data.In order to better reflect the change of the prices of agricultural products in China,we will periodically publish the China Yearbook of Agricultural Price Survey.Limit to our experiences and knowledge,some slips are inevitable in the book.We warmly welcome the comments or suggestion from our readers.