Changzhou Statistical Yearbook 2017

Changzhou Statistical Yearbook 2017 Download  (CD Version contain EXCEL files)


  1. Changzhou Statistical Yearbook-2017 is a reference book, which reflects the economic, scientific and technological, social development in Changzhou city in 2016 by means of full and accurate statistical data. It also provides abundant statistical data about past years and the years since reform and opening-up.
  2. This book contains the following twenty-two parts: 1.General Description; 2.List of Top Strengths; 3. Division of Administration Areas and Natural Resources; 4.General Survey; 5.Population; 6.Employment and Total Wages; 7.Price Indices; 8.People’s Livelihood; 9.Investment in Fixed Assets; 10.Agriculture; 11.Industry; 12.Construction; 13.Transportation, Post and Telecommunications; 14. Wholesale and Retail,Accommodation and Catering; 15.Individual and Private Economy; 16.Foreign Economy and Tourism; 17.Energy Consumption; 18. Public Finance, Banking and Insurance; 19.Urban Construction and Environmental Protection; 20.Science Technology, Education and Culture; 21.Health and Sports; 22.Givil Administration Judicature and Others. In addition, Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of each part.

III. Changzhou underwent an administrative-district readjustment in 2015. Jintan County-city was turned into Jintan District; Wujin District and Qi Shuyan District were merged into the new Wujin District; Zhenglu Town and Zouqu Town previously administrated by Wujin District were transferred to Tianning District and Zhonglou District respectively. All relevant 2015 data of Changzhou include Jintan District, Wujin District, Xinbei District, Tianning District, Zhonglou District and Liyang County-city. Data of the whole municipality in 2015 and after include those of Jintan District, Wujin District, Tianning District, Zhonglou District and Liyang County City. Data of the city’s urban area in 2015 and after include those of the Jintan District (CPI excluded). Data before 2015 are not adjusted.

IV.. The units of measurement used in this book are internationally standard measurement units. Those undefined price indices should be calculated in accordance with current prices.

  1. Abbreviations and Notations used in this book:

Aabove are referred to the statistical coverage of industrial enterprises “above designated size” for short.“…” indicates that the figure is not big enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table, “(blank)” indicates that the data are not available, “#” indicates the items of the total.

Here we’d like to express our sincere thanks to the readers who have offered us so many invaluable suggestions on content selection and compilation of the yearbook. Our thanks also go to those friends in all circles of society who have shown their support and care to the publication of the yearbook. We welcome any suggestions and comments from readers so as to help us to further improve our work of compilation.