Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2016

I. Jilin statisticalyearbook 2016 is annual statistics publication,which cover very comprehensive data series for 2015 and some selected data series for historicallyimportant years in whole province, cities (pretecture)and counties and therefore, reflects various aspects of social and economicdevelopment.

II. The book is organized into twoparts: Special reports and Statistics data. The statistics data is separatedinto 19 parts, ie. l.Synthesis;2.National Economic Accounting; 3.Population; 4.Employment and wage;5.Investment in Fixed Assets; 6.Foreign Economy trade and internationalTourism; 7.Production and Consumption of Energy;8.PublicFinance, Banking and Insurance; 9.Price Indices; 10.People’s Livelihood; 11. Urban publicutilities and Environment; 12.Agriculture; 13.Industry; 14.Construction; 15.Transportationand postal; 16.Wholesale, Retailtrade and Catering services; 17.Education, Technology and Culture; 18.Sports, Public Health and others; 19. Generalsurvey of city (State) and county (City). In the appendices listed: 1. Mainindicators of National economy of three province in the Northeast Area( 2015);2.The Companies “A Table”; 3. Expla natory notes for Main statisticalindicators.

Ⅲ.The units of measurementused in this book are internationally standard measurement units.

IV. In year-book some data totalnumbers or relative number because of units choosendifferential Causing generating calculation error, no mechanical adjust.

V. The value indicators used in thisbook are at current price except notes have made and growth rate is calculatedby constant price.

VI. Explanatory notes for notationsused in this book: “blank” indicated that the index data notavailable or no dale. “#”of which: major item.

VII.The publication and editor of yearbook got strong support of the department ofprovince, total cities, prefectures, counties (district) government and someenterprises and related institutions, We makesincerely appreciation!

The contents of Jilin Statistical Yearbook 2016

1-1 Divisions of Administrative Areas(end of 2015)

1-2 Natural Resources and Conditions

1-3 Average Temperature of Major Cities(2015)

1-4 Precipitation of Major Cities(2015)

1-5 According to the National Elonomic Industry Category of Group Corporation and Industrial Activity Units(2015)

1-6 Number of Corparations by Region and Type (2015)

1-7 Corporative Units Corporations and Industrial Active Units Grouped by Type of Registration (2015)

1-8 According to the three Industry,Industry grouping in all the Number of Corporate Units

1-9 Principal Aggregate Indicators on National Economic and Social Development and Growth Rates

1-10 A Day of Jilin

1-11 Proportions of National Economic Indicators

1-12 Civilian Battalion Economy Main Index Historical Account

2-1 Gross Domestic Products

2-2 Indices of Gross Domestic Product

2-3 Indices of Gross Domestic Product(preceding 100)

2-4 Gross Domestic Product

2-5 Share of the Contributions of the Three Strata of Industries to the Increase of the GDP

2-6 Pull Rate of the Three Strata of Industry to GDP Growth

2-7 Components of Gross Domestic Product(2015)

2-8 Gross Domestic Products by Expenditure Approach over the Years

2-9 1978-2015 Componests of Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure Approach

2-10 Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure Approach and Its Components

2-11 1978-2015 Indices of Final Consumption Expenditure and Gross Capital Formation (preceding year = 100)

2-12 The Added Value of the Tertiary Industry

2-13 The Added Value of the Tertiary Industry


3-1 Over the Years the Population and Composition of Jilin

3-2 Basic Statistics on Population of Jilin

4-1 Number of Employed Persons

4-2 Number of Employed Persons of Units (end of 2015)

4-3 Number of Staff and Workers by Sector in Detail (2015)

4-4 Number of Employees at the Year-end by Region (2015)

4-5 Registered Unemployment Persons in Urban

4-6 Total Wages and Average Wages of Staff and Workers and Related Indices

4-7 Earning of Employed Persons and Living Expenses in Units(2015)

4-8 Total Wages of Employees in the Sorted Industry (2015)

4-9 Average wages of Employees In the Industry(2015)

5-1 Total Investment in Fixed Assets in the Whole Country

5-2 Society as a Whole Calendar Year of Residential Building Investment and Construction Area

5-3 Main Indicators of Total Investment in Fixed Assets in the Whole Country

5-4 Fixed Asset Investment and Housing Construction Area

5-5 Industry by the Nature of Construction and Composition of Fixed Asset Investment Projects(2015)

5-6 Each Industry by the Subordinate Relationship the type of Registration and the Holding of Fixed asset Investment Projects(2015)

5-7 Number of Investment in Fixed Assets Projects Under Construction and Put into Use by Sector (2015)

5-8 Total Investment in Fixed Assets of Energy Industry

5-9 Total Investment in Fixed Assets of Basic Construction

5-10 Main Indicators of Investment for Real Estate Development

5-11 Numer of Employed Persons in Enterprises for Real Estate Development

5-12 Actually Completed Investment for Real Estate Development

5-13 Actually Completed Investment for Real Estate Development by Use and Newly Increased Fixed Assets

5-14 Floor Space of Buildings under Construction for Real Estate Development

5-15 Floor Space and Cost of Buildings Developed for Real Estate Development

5-16 Selling of Commercial Buildings

6-1 Total Value of Imports and Exports

6-2 Total Value of Main Exports Commodities(2015)

6-3 Total Value of Main Imports Commodities(2015)

6-4 Total Value of Imports and Exports by Trade Mode(2015)

6-5 Total Value of Imports and Exports of All Enterprises by Major Countries(regions)(2015)

6-6 Actually Utilization of Foreign Capital

6-7 Economic Cooperation with Foreign County

6-8 Development of Tourism(One)

6-9 Development of Tourism(Two)

6-10 Tourism Situation in Various Regions

6-11 Foreign Direct Investment Actually Used by Region

6-12 Reception Number of Oversea Travelling

6-13 Table of Domestic Tourists Travel Mode

7-1 1978-2015 Total Production of Energy and Its Composition

7-2 1978-2015 Total Consumption of Energy and Its Composition

7-3 From 2005 to 2015, the Power Consumption and Unit GDP Power Consumption Rate of the Whole Society

7-4 From 2005 to 2015, Energy Consumption and Per Unit GDP Reduction Energy Consumption Rate of the Whole Society

7-5 Total Consumption of Energy by Sector(Actual Itern Quantity)(2015)

7-6 Energy Balance Sheet(Actual Itern Quantity)(2015)

7-7 Energy Balance Sheet(Standard Quantity)(2015)

7-8 Industry Energy Consumption(Actual Itern Quantity)(2015)

7-9 Industry Energy Consumption(Standard Quantity)(2015)

7-10 Overall Energy Balance Sheet (Standard Quantity)

7-11 Coal Balance Sheet

7-12 Petroleum Balance Sheet

7-13 Electrical Energy Balance Shect(equivalent)

8-1 Government Revenue and Expenditure

8-2 Balance of Deposits and Loans of National Banking System

8-3 Local Government Revenue by Item

8-4 Local Covernment Expenditure Item

8-5 Government Budgetary Revenue by Level

8-6 Public Finance Expenditure

8-7 Cooperation in Agriculture Institution on Blanle of Foreign Currency Deposit and Loan at end of the Year

8-8 Main Indicators of Insurance Business

8-9 Number of personnel in Financial institutions

8-10 Number of Institutions of Insurance Company (2015)

9-1 Various Price Indices

9-2 Retail Price Indices by Category(preceding year=100)

9-3 Consumer price index of residents living in the province

9-4 Price Indices of Investment in Fixed Assets(preceding year=100)

9-5 Main Purchasing Price Indices of Raw Materials、Fuels and Power

9-6 Ex-Factory Price Indices of Industrial Products

9-7 Industrial Producer Price Index

9-8 Agricultural Production Data Price Classification Index

9-9 Agricultural Product Producer Price Index

10-1 Basic Situation of People’s Life(一)

10-2 Basic Situation of People’s Life(二)

10-3 Indices of Residents Consumption Level

10-4 The Basic Situation of Urban Households

10-5 Per Capita Cash Income and Expenditure of Urban Families

10-6 Urban Residents per Capita Consumption Expenditure and Borrowing Costs(2015)

10-7 Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Urban Households(2015)

10-8 Average Number of Major Commodities per Capita of Urban Households

10-9 Ownership of Major Durable Consumer Goods Per 100 Urban Households at Year-end

10-10 Residential Situation of Urban Residents

10-11 Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in the Regions

10-12 Per Capita Consumption of Urban Residents in Different Regions

10-13 Basic Situation of Rural Households

10-14 The Average Income per Household of Farmers

10-15 The Average Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Rural Households

10-16 Average Expenditure Per Capita of Rural Households

10-17 Average Expenditure Per Capita of Rural Households(2014)

10-18 Per Capita Cash Income of Household

10-19 Per Capita Disposable Income of Rural Residents in Various Regions

10-20 Per Capita Living Consumption Expenditure of Rural Residents in Various Regions

10-21 Number of durable consumer goods owned of rural household at the yearend(2014)

10-22 The Average Household Consumption Per Capita of the Rural Households

10-23 Rural Households Have the Number of Major Productive Fixed Assets

10-24 Rural Residents Living Situation

11-1 Basic Statistics on Municipal Public Utilities

11-2 City Constraction Land(2015)

11-3 Tap Water Supply in City(2015)

11-4 Basic Statisticson Supply of Gas in Cities(2015)

11-5 Basic Statisics on Heating in Cities(2015)

11-6 Level of Public Facilities in City(2015)

11-7 Basic Statistics on Parlcs and Green Aress in Citics(2015)

11-8 Basic Statistics on Urban Sanitation in Cities(2015)

11-9 Level of Public Facilities in City(2015)

11-10 Basic Statistics on Heating in City

11-11 Capacity of City Gas Facilities

11-12 Number of City Gas Users and Total Gas Supply

11-13 Basic Statistics on Urban Sanitation

11-14 Disposal and Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste(2015)

11-15 Treatment of Pollution by Enterprises and Institutions

11-16 Urban Wastewater Emission of Major Pollutants(2015)

11-17 Urban Wast Emissions of Major Pollutants(2015)

12-1 Rural Grassroots Organization

12-2 Agricultural Production Conditions

12-3 Regional Facilities for Agricultural Production(2015)

12-4 Rural Basic Situation and Rural Labor Resources

12-5 Total Output Value and Index of Forestry and Animal Husbandry and Fishery over the Years

12-6 Agricultural and Forestry and Animal Husbandry and Fishery Sub Production Value

12-7 Intermediate Consumption of Agriculture,Forestry,Animal Husbandry and Fishery

12-8 Effective Irrigation Area and Application of Agricultural Chemical Fertilizer

12-9 Crop Sown Area

12-10 Main Farm Output(one)

12-11 Output of Major Agricultural Products Over the Years and Lorge Number of Liestock Raised

12-12 Main Crop Acreage and Yield

12-13 Output of Forestry、Fishery and Other Livestock Production

12-14 Livestock Production

12-15 Agricultural Institution and Meteorological Station

12-16 Agricultural Natural Disaster Disaster Situation

12-17 Basic Conditions for Commodity Grain County(2015)

12-18 Basic Situation of Township Enterprise

12-19 The Main Economic Indicators of Township Enterprises in the Province (2015)

13-1 Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size(2015)

13-2 Main Indicators of Industrial Enterpriscs above Designated Size by Industrial Sector(2015)

13-3 According to the Industry of Carge and Mediumsized Industrial Enterprises of the Main Indicators(2015)

13-4 The main Indicators of Stato-owned and State holding Industrial Enterprises in the Industry(2015)

13-5 Main Indicators of Private Industrial Enterprises by Industry(2015)

13-6 The Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises by Foreign Investment and Hongkong、Macao and Taiwan Investment by Industry(2015)

13-7 By the Industry Main Indicators of Collective Industrial Enterpvises(2015)

13-8 Industrial Enterprises Major Products Outputs

13-9 Output of Major Industrial Products by Region( 2015)

14-1 1978-2015 Main Indicators on Construction Enterprises

14-2 Production Situation of Construction Enterprises( 2015)

14-3 Building Construction Company Financial Position(2015)

14-4 Regional Construction Basic Situation(2015)

14-5 various Regions of Construction Industry Enterprises in As Built Housing Value(2015)

14-6 Regional Construction Enterprise Financial Situation(2015)

15-1 Basic Conditions of Transportation

15-2 Each Year Passenger Turnover and Goods Turnover

15-3 Length of Transportation Routes

15-4 Passenger Traffic and Passenger – kilometers

15-5 Freight Transport Quantity and Freight Turnover

15-6 Passenger and Freight Traffic by Region

15-7 Possession of Civil Vehicles

15-8 Passession of Civil Vehicles by Region(2015)

15-9 Civil Vehicles Segments of the Group(2015)

15-10 Postal and Telecommunication Services over the Years

15-11 Business Volume of Postal and Telecommunication Services

16-1 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods

16-2 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods

16-3 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods by Region

16-4 Total Purchases、Sales and Inventory of Enterprises above Designated Size of Wholesale and Retail Trade(2015)

16-5 Main Financial Indicators of Enterprises Above Designated Size of Wholesale and Retail Trades(2015)

16-6 Main Financial Indicators of Enterprises above Designated Size of Catering and Hotels(2015)

16-7 Basic Conditions of Wholesale、Retail Trades、Star – ranking Hotels and Catering Services above Designated Size

16-8 Main Business of Enterprises above Designated Size of Catering and Hotels

16-9 Basic Conditions on Wholesale and Retail Trades above Designated Size by Region(1)

16-10 Basic Conditions on Wholesale and Retail Trades above Designated Size by Region(2)(2015)

16-11 Basic Statistics on Urban and Rural Individual Economy

16-12 Basic Statistics on Urban and Rural Private Enterprises

16-13 Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods by Category of Enterprises above Designated Size(2015)

16-14 The Basic Situation of Chain Retail Enterprises by the of Registration(2015)

16-15 Basic Situation of Retail Enterprises by Industry and Retail Industry(2015 )

16-16 More than millions of the Basic Situation of Commodity Trading Market(2015)

16-17 More than Millions of the Commodity exchange Market Stalls Classitication(2015)

17-1 Basic Statistics on Education

17-2 Basic Statistics on Education by Level and Type(2015)

17-3 Basic Statistics on Institutions of Higher Education(2015)

17-4 Basic Statistics on Postgraduates in Higher Schools and Research Institutions (2015)

17-5 Student Enrollment in Adult Schools by Level and Type

17-6 Basic Statistics on Postgraduates in Institutions of Higher Education

17-7 Basic Statistics on Postgraduates in Institution of Higher Education by Field of Study

17-8 Basic Statistics on Kindergartens

17-9 Basic Statistics on Special Education

17-10 Percentage of School-age Children Enrolled

17-11 General Higher Education Undergraduate Students

17-12 Numbers o f Full Time Teacher by Field of Study in Regular Higher Educational Institutions(2015)

17-13 Student-teacher Ratio by Level of Schools

17-14 Student Enrollment per 10000 Population

17-15 Vocational Technical Training Institutions(2015)

17-16 Secondary Vocational school(Institutions)(2015)

17-17 Subject Students in Secondary Vocational school(2015)

17-18 Research Institution Situations(2015)

17-19 Technological Activities Human Resource Situation

17-20 Research and Experiment Development(R&D)Human Resource Situation(2015)

17-21 Research and Experiment Development(R&D)Expenditure Situation(2015)

17-22 Research and Experiment Development(R&D)Output Situation(2015)

17-23 Research and Experiment Development(R&D)Project (topic) Situation

17-24 Development of Science and Technology

17-25 Industrial Enterprises R&D Projects Situation

17-26 Industrial Enterprises R&D Human Resource Situation (2015)

17-27 Industrial Enterprises R&D Expenditure Situation(2015)

17-28 Industrial Enterprises Science and Technology Agency Situation(2015)

17-29 Industrial Enterprises All R&D Projects Situations

17-30 Industrial Interprise Independent Intellectual Property Rights Protection(2015)

17-31 Expenditures for New Product Development and Fanding of Industrial Enterprises

17-32 Industrial Enterprises Technology Acquiring and Technology Transforming Situation

17-33 Basic Statistics on Mass Culture

17-34 Basic Statistics on Public Libraries,Museums and Cultural Relic Agencies

17-35 Basic Statistics on Film

17-36 Books Published

17-37 Magazines Published

17-38 Newspapers Published

17-39 Basic Statistics on Trade Union

18-1 Personnel of Physical Culture and Sports Commissions

18-2 Players Awards

18-3 Athletes and Referees in Grades by Type of Sports

18-4 Basic Statistics on Health

18-5 Health Institution、Beds、Teachnical Pevsonnel(2015)

18-6 Basic Statistics on Health Institutions by Region(2015)

18-7 Beds and Employed Personnel by Region(2015)

18-8 Medical and Health Institutions in Various Regions of Hospital Sewices(2015)

18-9 Operation of medial Institutions(2015)

18-10 Basic Information of Person with Disabilities

18-11 Basic Statistics on Lawyers and Mediation

18-12 Basic Statistics on Marriage Registrations and Divorces

18-13 Basic Statistics on Notarization

18-14 Basic Statistics on Social Assistance(2015)

18-15 Basic Statistics on Traffic Auidents

18-16 First Trial Criminal Cases Accepted and Concluded by Courts

18-17 First Trial Civil Cases of Marriages,Family Affairs and Inheritance Accepted and Concluded by Courts(2015)

18-18 First Trial Cases of Contracts Disputes Accepted and Concluded by Courts(2015)

18-19 First Trial Cases of Disputes of Right,Infringement of Right and Other Civil Affairs Accepted and Concluded by Courts(2015)

19-1 Basic Statistics Urban Social and Economical Indicators (2015)

19-2 Gross Domestic Product by City and County(2015)

19-3 Gross Domestic Product and Indices by City and County(2015)

19-4 Households and Population by City and County (end of 2015)

19-5 Age Composition of Population by City and County(end of 2015)

19-6 Basic Statistics on Natural Population Changes by City and County(end of 2015)

19-7 Number of Employed Persons by City and County(2015)

19-8 Earning of Employed Persons LivingExpenses by City and County(2015)

19-9 City and County of Investment in Fixed Assets (Exduding Rural)(2015)

19-10 Local Public Finance Revenue in Cities and Counties(2015)

19-11 Local Government Expenditure by City and County(2015)

19-12 The Situation of Rural Primary Organizations and Rural Construction in the Cities and Counties(2015)

19-13 Output Value of Agriculture、Forestry、Animal Husbandry and Fishery by City and County(2015)

19-14 Possession of Major Agricultural Machinery by City and County(2015)

19-15 Agricultural Modernizing Level of the City and County(2015)

19-16 Total Sown Areas and Output of Major Farm Crops by City and County(2015)

19-17 Production of Livestock in Various Cities and Counties (2015)

19-18 Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size by City and County(2015)

19-19 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods by City and County(2015)

19-20 Basic Statistics on Education by Type of City and County(2015)

19-21 Basic Statistics on Social and Economy by County(city)(2015)