Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021

Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021 Download

Yearbook title:新疆统计年鉴2021
Yearbook English title:Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021
Published Date :09/2021
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021
Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021

Ⅰ.Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2021 systematically include the economic and social aspects ofstatistical data by region and throughout the county(city) in 2020,and the main statistical data inhistorically important years and recent years,and include the major statistical data of provinces andregions in 2020.The book is an annual statistic publication of fully reflect the development ofeconomic and social in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Ⅱ.Special Article(Statistical Communique on National Economy and Social Development ofXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the year 2020);General Survey;National Accounts;Population and Employment;Investment in Fixed Assets;Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperationand tourism;Resources and Environment;Production and Consumption of Energy;GovernmentFinance;Price;people’s Living Conditions;General Survey of cities;Agriculture;Industry;Construction;Transport,Postal and Telecommunication Services;Wholesale & Retail Trades,Hotelsand Catering Services;Financial Intermediation;Education,Science & Technology and Culture;Public Health and others;Ranking of Main Economic Indicators by Prefecture,AutonomousPrefecture and city Region of Xinjiang;Appendix(Ranking of Main Economic Indicators byProvince,Region and city). Ⅲ.The yearbook of sources are mostly from the annual statements,in part from the samplesurvey data. Ⅳ.The units of measurement used in this yearbook are internationally standard measurementunits. Ⅴ.The price of all the gross indicators computation in the yearbook is current prices. Ⅵ.Description of signs or symbols in the yearbook:”#” indicates a major breakdown of thetotal;”…” indicates data with insufficient decimal place;”blank” indicates absence of dataindicators or ignorance of them. Ⅶ.In the course of complication,the yearbook has received great support from many units andcomrades in and out of Autonomous Region,we acknowledge their help to the book.Mistakes andfaults are inevitable to take place because of inadequate proficiency and limited time.Leaders,personnel from all walks of life and colleagues from statistical sector are welcome to make theircritical comments and suggestions.