Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022

Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022 Download

Yearbook title:上海统计年鉴2022
Yearbook English title:Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022
Published Date :11/2022
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022
Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022

Ⅰ.Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2022 contains comprehensive statistics of Shanghai’ssocial and economic development in 2021 and selected data of some important years and of theperiod since China adopted the policy of reform and opening to the outside world. Ⅱ.The book is composed of 23 parts viz.1.General Survey;2.Population,Employmentand Wages;3.National Economic Accounting;4.Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure;5.Energyand Environment Protection;6.Investment in Fixed Assets;7.Foreign Economic Relations,Trade and Tourism;8.Prices;9.Living Standards;10.Urban Construction;11.Agriculture;12.Industry;13.Construction;14.Serviec;15.Transportation,Posts and Information Transmis-sion;16.Wholesale and Retail,Hotels and Catering Services;17.Finance;18.Real Estate;19.Science and Technology;20.Education;21.Health,Social Security and Social Welfare;22.Culture,Sports;23.Laws,Notary and others.In order to make readers using materials cor-rectly,brief introduction and explanations of major statistical indicators are attached after ever-y chapter. Ⅲ.Main part of the data in this yearbook are investigated and collected by Shanghai Mu-nicipal Statistical Bureau and Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Shanghai,except those with special notes.The GDP data of 2021 released in this Yearbook are prelimi-nary calculation figure. Ⅳ.The international standard unit of measurement is applied in this yearbook.All a-mounts are denominated in RMB,except those with special notes. Ⅴ.The prices used for calculating of gross indicators in this yearbook are current prices. Ⅵ.Statistical discrepancies in this book due to rounding are not adjusted. Ⅶ.Marks in this book:…means not large enough to be rounded into the least unit ofmeasurement;blank space means data are not available;#indicates major item in a category. Ⅷ.Previous editions of Shanghai Statistical Yearbook have won wide acclaim among thereaders.In order to get further improvement in the yearbook editing,we welcome all candidcomments and criticism from our readers.