Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019

Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019 Download

Yearbook title:四川统计年鉴2019
Yearbook English title:Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019
Published Date :10/2019
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019
Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019

Ⅰ.Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2019 is an annual statistics publication to reflect various aspects of Sichuan’s economic and social development,which covers very comprehensive data series in 2018 and some selected data series in historically important years and the most recent years at provincial level,local levels of prefecture and level of county. Ⅱ.The text of this Yearbook contains the following 22 parts:1.General Survey,2.National Accounts,3.Population,4.Employment and Wages,5.Investment in Fixed Assets,6.Energy,7.Resources and Environment,8.Local Government Finance and Price,9.People’s Living Conditions and Social Security,10.Urban Development,11.Survey of Minority Nationality Autonomous Areas,12.Survey of County(City,District),13.Agriculture,14.Industry,15.Construction,16.Transportation and Post,17.Domestic Trade,18.Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and International Tourism,19.Finance and Insurance,20.Education,Science,Technology and Patents,21.Culture,Sports and Public Health,22.Other Social Activities.Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators is attached to the end of each chapter to help the readers to understand and use the statistical data in this book. Ⅲ.Compared with Sichuan Statistical Yearbook 2018,the Yearbook adds data on the aggregate,speed,proportion and composition of the main indicators of national economic and social development in the 70 years in Chapter 1″General Survey”;adjusts absolute value of total investment in fixed assets and its composition to growth rate in Chapter 5 “Investment in fixed assets”;adjusts “energy consumption of unit GDP by region” into “the growth of energy consumption of unit GDP by region”and “energy consumption of unit added value of industry by region” into “the growth of energy consumption of unit added value of industry by region” in Chapter 6 “Energy”;delete “number of retired and resigned staff and workers and retirement pay of retirees and living expenses of resigned staff and workers” in Chapter 9 “People’s livelihood and social welfare”;delete “cases under direct investigation by procurator’s offices” and “duty crime cases under direct investigation by procurator’s offices by region” in Chapter 22 “Other social activities”. Ⅳ.In this yearbook,the relevant department statistics are provided by relevant departments at the provincial level. Ⅴ.The statistics data published in the past is re-verified in this book.Any discrepancy between the data of this book,it prevails. Ⅵ.The units of measurement used in this book are international standard measurement units. Ⅶ.Statistical discrepancies on totals and relative figures due to rounding are not adjusted in the yearbook.