Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020

Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020 Download

Yearbook title:青海统计年鉴2020
Yearbook English title:Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020
Published Date :08/2020
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020
Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020

Qinghai Statistical Yearbook 2020 is an annual statistical publication,which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of Qinghai Province.It covers data for 2019 in various aspects of economic,social,resources and environmental statistics. The yearbook contains twenty-two chapters:1.Special Articles;2.General Survey;3.Population;4.National Accounts;5.Employment and Wages;6.Prices;7.People’s Living Conditions;8.Government Finance;9.Energy and Environment;10.Investment in Fixed Assets and Real Estate;11.Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation;12.Agriculture;13.Industry;14.Construction;15.Transport,Postal and Tele-communication;16.Domestic Trade;17.Financial Inter mediation;18.Education,Science and Technology;19.Public Health and Social Services;20.Culture,Tourism and Sports;21.Public Management,Social Security and Others;22.Main Economic Indicators of Different Regions of the Country. Notations used in the yearbook:“…” indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table;(blank space) indicates data are unknown,or are not available;“#” indicates a major breakdown of the total.When readers use statistical information,they should be based in this Yearbook if there is difference from this Yearbook. The yearbook is outcome of joint efforts of Qinghai Bureau of Statistics and Survey Organization of National Bureau of Statistics,and is fruit of the hard work of majority of statistics cadres on all fronts of the province,and is the crystallization of collective wisdom.In editing and publishing,printing,distribution process,the yearbook has received great support from China Statistics Press and relevant units in Qinghai province.We acknowledge their help to the book. Qinghai Statistical Yearbook has received concern and support of the readers at home and abroad for the content and edit of the Yearbook of many valuable suggestions since published,which we are grateful.Because of our limited level,mistakes are in-evitable.Welcome people from all walks of life to give us the criticism and correction for our inadequacies at any time in order to help us further enhance and improve the editorial level of statistical yearbook,and served readers better.