Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021

Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021 Download

Yearbook title:湖北统计年鉴2021
Yearbook English title:Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021
Published Date :09/2021
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021
Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021

Ⅰ.Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021 is an information-intensive data reference book.In a comprehensive manner,it records and reflects the economic,social,technological and cultural developments among other aspects in Hubei Province in 2020,featuring a large amount of information,authority,wide applicability and so on. Ⅱ.The yearbook includes a special issue and statistical data.The special issue is 2020 Statistics Bulletin of the National Economic and Social Development of Hubei Province.The statistical data contains the following 24 chapters:1.General Survey;2.Population;3.Employment and Wages;4.Investment in Fixed Assets;5.Intemational Trade and Economic Cooperation & Tourism;6.Energy;7.Government Finance and Banking;8.Prices;9.People’s Livlihoods;10.City Overview;11.Resources and Environment;12.Agriculture;13.Industry;14.Construction;15.Service;16.Transportation,Postal and Telecommunication Services;17.Domestics Trade;18.Science,Technology and Education;19.Public Health and Social Services;20.Culture and Sports;21.Public Management and Other;22.Yangtze River Economic Zone;23.Main Economic Indicators of Counties;24.Major Indicators by Region.To facilitate readers,at the end of each chapter,Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are included. Ⅲ.Compared with Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2020,the mainly supplement in content and chapter structure is service.Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2021 refers to the implementation of the Provincial Statistics Index System Directory.The yearbook adopts the latest industrial categorization standards and indicator range,while the English notes and the interpretation of indicators have been revised thoroughly.In 2021,the yearbook adopts data of the Fourth National Economic Census and the Seventh National Population Census. Ⅳ.The yearbook adopts the updated statistical data based on the review of the past publications.Should any discrepancy arise,the yearbook shall prevail.Data of the statistical communique in the yearbook are the initial count.If that is not consistent with data of the yearbook,the latter shall prevail.Statistical discrepancies due to rounding are not adjusted in the yearbook.In the yearbook,blank space indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table,or date are unknown or are not available,”#” indicates a major breakdown of the total. Ⅴ.For any use of the indicators in the yearbook,please refer to the explanatory notes and annotations,so as to avoid mistakes. Ⅵ.Since publication,Hubei Statistical Yearbook has received concern and support from domestic and foreign readers,who also offer a number of valuable suggestions concerning the content and editorial work,for which we hereby express our gratitude.It is undeniable that editing work is subject to human errs,and we thereby sincerely welcome criticisms and corrections from readers.