Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017

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Yearbook title:湖北统计年鉴2017
Yearbook English title:Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017
Publisher : China Statistics Press
Published Date : 8/2017
Frequency : Annually
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
ISBN/ISSN : 978-7-5037-8206-0
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF & CD)

Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017
Hubei Statistical Yearbook 2017

Ⅰ.Statistical Yearbook of Hubei 2017 is an information-intensive data referencebook.Through a large amount of data,comprehensive analysis,records and reflects theHubei province 2016 economy,society,science and technology,culture and other as-pects of development.With a large amount of information,authoritative,wide applicabil-ity and so on. Ⅱ.The Yearbook includes comprehensive,population,practitioners and staff sala-ries,fixed assets investment,energy production and consumption,price index,the life ofpeople and natural resources and the environment,city situation,agriculture,industry,construction,transportation,post and telecommunications,domestic trade,foreign econ-omy and tourism,finance and banking,education,science and culture,sports,publichealth,social welfare,Hubei Province Development Zone of main economic norms,Wu-han city circle,ecological cultural tourism circle of Western Hubei,Yangtze River Eco-nomic Zone,county profiles,Appendix 24 departments,city of part of the Department ofcity information,not including the city administer county. Ⅲ.In 2017 statistical yearbook of Hubei,discourse structure and “China Statisti-cal Yearbook” remain the same,with reference to the implementation of the “provincialstatistics index system directory”.The statistic of yearbook adopted the lastest standardand diameter range.And the English version and the interpretation of indicators wererevised thoroughy.In 2017,Hubei statistical yearbook added the main indicators of theYangtze River economic belt,and cut the individual indicator of the country economy. Ⅳ.The Yearbook of the past published statistical data to examine every and the al-manac data discrepancies,refer to this yearbook prevail.The Yearbook of statistics datafor the initial count,if the Yearbook text data are not consistent,please refer to the textdata is accurate. Ⅴ.In the annals of indicators are used to combine the interpretation of indicators,as well as annotations and reasonable use,so as to avoid mistakes. Ⅵ.Statistical Yearbook of Hubei published since,by domestic and foreign readersto care and support,the Yearbook content and editorial work put forward a lot of valu-able advice,for this,we express our gratitude.Because the level is limited,in the edit-ing work of unavoidable errors,we welcome suggestions and criticisms.