China’s Health And Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2016

“China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2016” is an annual publication that reflects the development of health care and life in China and the health status of residents. This book contains the national and 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities health service development and the current level of health statistics, as well as the history of the important national statistical data. This book is “China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook” 2016, the contents of the collection as of the end of 2015.

“China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2016” The book is divided into 16 parts, namely: medical and health institutions, health personnel, health facilities, health funds, medical services, primary health care services, Chinese medicine services, maternal and child health care and family planning, People’s health level, disease control and public health, the cause of death of residents, food safety and health monitoring, medical security, population indicators, attached to the main socio-economic indicators, the world’s health status. A brief description of the main contents, sources, statistical scope, statistical methods and historical changes of this chapter.