China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022

China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022 Download

Yearbook title:中国贸易外经统计年鉴2022
Yearbook English title:China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022
Published Date :12/2022
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022
China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022

Ⅰ.China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2022 reflects the situation of China in the development of the domestic and foreign trade,the external economic transactions and the tourism synthetically.The yearbook covers the main data of the domestic trade,balance of payments,foreign trade,utilization of foreign capital,overseas direct investment and economic cooperation,and tourism of China in 2021,and embodies the data from national level and all the provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities.It also lists the time series relative data of important indicators by years. Ⅱ.The yearbook contains the following 9 chapters:1.Integration;2.Consumer Goods Market;3.Wholesale and Retail Trades;4.Hotels and Catering Services;5.Balance of Payments;6.Foreign Trade;7.Utilization of Foreign Capital;8.Overseas Direct Investment and Economic Cooperation;9.Tourism.In addition,Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of the book. Ⅲ.The national data in the book do not include that of Hongkong Special Administrative Region,Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province. Ⅳ.The major sources of data except that in the domestic trade are the regular statistical reporting forms provided by the relevant departments such as the Ministry of Commerce,the General Administration of Customs,the State Administration of Foreign Exchange,the Ministry of Public Security,the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,the State Administration for Market Regulation.The book is edited by the Department of Trade and External Economic Relations Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics.Since the functions of departments mentioned above are different,the requirement,the scope,the calculating specification and the method of statistics are not in the same,and some of the figures may not be in conformity.Readers who want to use the data please consult the explanatory note. Ⅴ.Data by branch of industry in this book are based on the National Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities(GB/T 4754-2017),and data by size of enterprise are based on the 2017’s standards of Enterprises by size. Ⅵ.The units of measurement used in this yearbook are internationally standard measurement units. Ⅶ.Notations used in the yearbook:(blank space) indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table,or data are unknown or are not available;”#” indicates a major breakdown of the total;and “*” or “①” indicates footnotes at the end of the table. Ⅷ.Some tables of the yearbook do not indicate the year,which means the data of the tables belong to 2021.