China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2020

China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2020 Download

Yearbook title:中国能源统计年鉴2020
Yearbook English title:China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2020
Published Date :01/2021
Language : English and Chinese bilingual
Availability : Printed Version;Electronic Version(PDF Version)

China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2020
China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2020

China Energy Statistical Yearbook is an annual statistical publication,which covers very comprehensive data in energy construction,production,consumption,equilibrium of supply and demand in an all-round way,established in 1986,edited by Department of Industry and Transport Statistics,National Bureau of Statistics.2008 annual is edited by Department of Energy Statistics,National Bureau of Statistics,published by China Statistics Press,to the domestic and international public publication. In order to satisfy the masses of readers’ demands for China energy statistics,improve the efficiency and timeliness of the data use,since 2004,China Energy Statistical Yearbook is published one volume every year instead of one volume every 2 years. China Energy Statistical Yearbook consists of seven chapters:1.General Survey;2.Construction of Energy Industry;3.Energy Production;4.Energy Consumption;5.Energy Balance Table of China;6.Energy Balance Table by Region;7.Energy data for Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region.Additional information provided in the appendices include major energy data for Taiwan province,energy data for related countries or areas,explanatory notes of main statistical indicators and conversion factors from physical units to coal equivalent. Annual statistical reports from the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Statistical Yearbook are the main data sources of this document.However,the national data in this book does not include that of the HongKong and Macao Special Administrative Region,the Taiwan province.Also,the data in the energy balance tables does not cover non-commercial energy.The Tibet energy balance data is unavailable yet. The China energy data were by the year of 2019,energy data for the world and other countries or area were by the year of 2017.Statistical discrepancies on totals due to rounding are not adjusted in the yearbook. Notations used in the yearbook:(blank space) indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table,or data are unknown or are not available;”#”indicates a major breakdown of the total. Classification for national standard of industry classification is implementing new version of 2017 except legal entities.