China Agri-culture Yearbook 2016

China Agri-culture Yearbook 2016 PDF Version of English Download

1.This Yearbook refers to the development and information of agriculture,forestry,animal husbandry,fishery,land reclamation,farm machinery,water conservancy,meteorology,agricultural natural disaster, China.It has been published both in Chinese and English since 1985.

2.The English edition bases itselfmainly on the Chinese edition of China Agri-culture Yearbook 2016.The compilation isunder the auspices of the Ministry of Agricul-ture and from the assistance of various minis-tries and state departments concerned.Thedata of the statistics of agricultural economyare from the National Bureau of Statistics,Ministry of Agriculture,State Forestry Ad-ministration,Ministry of Water ResourcesChina Meteorological Administration and General Administration of Customs,etc. The English edition of this Yearbookdoes not include the information fromHongkong,Macao,and Taiwan Province ofChina unless specially stated.