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The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics for 2016 PDF download

The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics for 2016 is a yearly review  with infomation on the overall development of the tourism industry in the People’s Republic of China in 2015。Written in English and Chinese, the information in this Yearbook covers nine aspects: Statistics Report on China’s Tourism Industry in 2015 and visitor
arrivals to China, major profile of international visitors to China, international tourism receipts, domestic tourism, business of different regions, business of star-rated hotels, business of travel agencies. business of A一Qrade tourist attractions, travel enterprises and non-business institutions.
A note to the Index of Major Statistic Terms is attached at the end of the Yearbook, which gives a brief explanation of the meaning of main tourism statistics, scope and method of data-collecting. The data of the Yearbook come from the tourism departments,statistical departments, and ports of entry and exit of public security  departments throughout the country. The statistics of Taiwan Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region are not included. All the data are processed and compiled in line with the requirements set forth in the tourism statistics reporting system jointly formulated by the National Tourism Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics, and explanatory notes are provided in some special cases.
Inbound visitor samples include inbound visitors from foreign countries, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan province while their stay time is less than 3 months. Re一check and re一adjustments have been made to the figures of each month in 2015,and if some inconsistency is found between the published figures and the figures in this Yearbook, the latter should be taken as authentic.
This Yearbook provides authoritative data on the development of China’s tourism industry in 2015,which is useful to tourism departments, relevant departments of the national economy, education and research institutes, and students and teachers.The
overseas travel trade, relevant people of the industry and foreign visitors to China, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can also benefit from this Yearbook.

In the Yearbook. wherever a table is contiuned on the next page, footnotes are given on the first page. The mark“#‘“denotes headline entry, while the mark“*” leads to footnotes. A blank cell means relevant data unclear or the relevant figure for previous years not available. Sources of the data are acknowledged beneath the table.
All the unacknowledged data are provided by the National Tourism Administration.
Editing Committee of
the Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics