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Nantong Statistical Yearbook 2017

《Nantong Statistical Yearbook 2017》 is an informative annual publication that comprehensively and systematically reflects the 2016 economy and society development of the Nantong Municipality. 《The Yearbook》 is comprised of 19 parts:General Outlook;National Economy Accounting;Population,Employment;Price Index;People’s Livelihood;Finance,Banking;Fixed Asset Investment;Foreign Economy;Energy,Resource,Environmental Protection;Agriculture;Industry;Construction;Transportation,Post and Telecommunication;Domestic Trade;Education,Technology;Culture,Health,Sports;Other Undertakings;Urban Construction,Intercity Exchange. The statistics of 《The Yearbook》 mainly comes from the data of annual statistical report,and the rest is from the sampling surveys.And readers can refer to the appendix of each part for the 《Explanation of Major Statistical Indicators》. 《The Yearbook》 adjusted and improved in some aspects with the change of the statistical rules,but in the points as compiling system,structure of the contents,indicators and statistical method,it tries to keep coherent.If there are any differences between the historical data of this Yearbook and those of the past Yearbooks,Please refer to this Yearbook as the default correct ones. In 《The Yearbook》,the group method of National Economy Industry is based on the standard 《National Economy Industry》(GB/T4754-2011). In 《The Yearbook》,(blank)indicates that the figure is not available;# indicates the major component items. Here we’d like to express our deep thanks to the readers who cared and supported the publication of the Yearbook to enhance the level of our editorial work.We sincerely welcome the continued suggestions so as to improve the form and content of 《The Yearbook》. Editorial Staff August,2017