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Beijing Education Yearbook 2016

1.Beijing Education Yearbook is a large scale specialized reference book.Under the instructions of Education Commission of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC and Beijing Municipal Education Committee,it is Compiling Committee of Beijing Education Yearbook(Beijing Education Yearbook Editorial Office)who is responsible for compiling this book. 2.With articles and entries as the basic literature type,this yearbook is mainly consists of entries.It uses narratives,making efforts to be brief and to the point.There are color pictures before and in the articles.There are index at the back of the article. 3.This Yearbook has been keeping published annually since 1997.Each yearbook records previous year’s new incidents and events happened in Beijing educational system,which offers both references for decision making and information for educational planning and development.In addition,it also helps people from both home and abroad to understand and doing research about the status quo of Beijing education. 4.This Yearbook embodies the panorama of Beijing education situation,including not only those educational departments directly under Beijing Municipal,but also all level all kinds of educational sections of different districts under central education ministry. 5.The 2016 Education Yearbook was compiled by categories,which has Education Management,Education Schooling and Education Service three major sections.Specifically,this yearbook contains 24 categories,chronologically including generality of Beijing education,major events records,integrated management,education supervision,preschool education,elementary education,higher education,vocational and adult education,private education,moral physical and aesthetic education,scientific re-search,teaching staff building,students management,enrolling and testing,communication and cooperation,the collaborative development of education in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,district and county education,social groups,institutions directly under Beijing municipal commission of education,references,specialized articles and records,research and report,statistics and appendix,among which,’the collaborative development of education in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei’ is newly added this year. 6.The 2016 Education Yearbook includes ‘Beijing Education New Map(2016)’,which,in the format of a map,presenting the new changes and fruits of 2015 Beijing deepening comprehensive reform in elementary education. 7.The Appendix Section uses chart to indicate the basic educational development of Beijing different districts for the readers’ convenience. 8.In this Yearbook,those working units included which have changed their names during the editing period would still be referred to as their primitive names with the new names in the following brackets.Due to layout limitations,abbreviations are used in referring to party and government institutions in the yearbook.Abbreviations are used in refering to the name of the Institutions in captions of the colour pictures.Details could be found in the Appendix Full name & Abbreviation table of some institutions. 9.This Yearbook contains a namelist of chief leaders of Beijing Educational Administrative sections at various levels,all of whom held office in 2015 and the appointment and dismissal are noted separately. 10.All the articles,entries and pictures in this yearbook are provided by specialized staff from all types of educational administrative sections and examined carefully by their managers and people in charge.The Statistical Material of Beijing Education is provided by Development Planning Department of Beijing Municipal Education Committee. 11.In terms of the currency in this yearbook,RMB is referred to as Yuan and the common names are used in referring to other currencies. 12.Every annual statistic involved in this yearbook takes the statistical criteria of 31st December 2015 as standard and other non annual statistics take the ones from statistical or operating departments as standard. 13.This Yearbook describes educational happenings between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015.Some of its content may dated back a minor deal according to its practical circumstance.